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PHP Shipping Rates Calculator

PHP Shipping Rates CalculatorThe PHP Shipping Rates Calculator is a series of PHP functions that enable your web application to retrieve exact realtime shipping rates from UPS, US Mail, and FedEx shipping carriers. These functions streamline the development of a web based shipping application or shopping cart written in PHP. These tools communicate directly with UPS, US Postal Service, and FedEx and handle all of the required XML parsing, allowing the developer to dedicate their time and resources to the integration and user interface aspects of their project.

The shipping rates are received directly from the shipping carriers (UPS/FedEx/USPS). There are no shipping cost tables to update, ever!

You will have the ability to perform the following tasks and many others:
  • View realtime FedEx rates and services
  • Now supporting FedEx WebServices!
  • View realtime US Mail rates and services
  • View realtime UPS Rates and services
  • Provide exact shipping rates quotation for all three carriers
  • Compare shipping rates and delivery time between all three carriers

  • Easily integrates into any system

    The PHP Shipping Rates Calculator will be working within minutes of uploading to any server running PHP 4.3+ or PHP 5.x with cURL support configured and installed.

    Full source code is provided with your purchase of this library giving you the freedom to make any necessary modifications required. Simply call the function from the checkout page of your existing shopping cart or anywhere within your system and the rates will be returned. The function requires weight, destination zip code, origin zip code, and desired carriers values to be passed to the function. Carrier, Service Name, Service Code, and Price values are all returned in an associative array.

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