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UPS XML Address Verification

With UPS Address Validation you don't have to worry about your customers entering incorrect address information. If customers make a mistake, UPS Address Validation alerts them with an error message, ensuring that errors are corrected at the point of entry long before orders leave the shipping dock. This reduces costly returns for you and headaches for your customers.

UPS Address Validation uses U.S. Postal Service guidelines to thoroughly check the city, state and postal code of every shipment. UPS provides up to ten alternate addresses, including an accuracy rate that lets your customers know how closely the address they entered matches the suggested address.

With UPS Address Validation, You Can:
  • Reduce operating costs by minimizing returns and correction charges.
  • Improve customer service by assisting shoppers when they place orders.

  • Your Customers Can:
  • Receive shipments quickly and accurately, without delivery delays due to incorrect addresses.
  • Be assured their packages will be addressed correctly For more information on UPS OnLine Tools, including UPS Address Validation, please visit

  • The UPS XML Address Verification Tool PHP Function Library streamlines your integration and development process by taking care of the XML dirtywork and returning the result data in the form of an array. The UPS Address Validation tool assesses the accuracy of an input city, state, postal code combination, and returns a list of up to 10 valid city/state/postal code combinations that closely match the input. The tool returns each valid city/state/ postal code combination with an assigned rank and quality value to indicate how closely it matches the input. The UPS Address Validation Tool is only supported for addresses within the United States. All combinations of city, state and postal code must be for addresses within the United States.

    Please take a look at a basic example that illustrates the function of the library.

    You might want to check the example usage file for an example of just how easy it is to use the functions. Included with purchase of our UPS XML Address Verification Tool PHP Function Library is free e-mail support.

    System Requirements: Server : PHP 4.x or PHP 5.x with cURL support configured and installed.

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