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UPS XML Shipping

Enable your web application to ship, confirm, and void shipments with the UPS XML Shipping Tool PHP Function Library. Streamline the development of your web based shipping applications through direct communication with UPS's XML servers. All of the XML parsing and generation is handled by the library, allowing you to dedicate your time and resources to the integration and user interface aspects of your project.

The UPS documentation estimates 200 hours or more of development are required to create a XML Ship application. Customers using this library have completed the development and integration of their application almost overnight!

Please Note: If the only functionality you need is Shipping Rates Calculation, you should take a look at our PHP Shipping Rates Calculator. Also, if you need a turn-key shipping solution that is ready to install out of the box, check out Mercury Web Shipping.

You can use these functions to:
  • Generate UPS shipping labels to be printed on thermal or laser printers.
  • Automate your shipping with your database driven web application.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and human error in your shipping process.

  • Full source code is provided giving you the freedom to make any necessary modifications required. With this library you can build a complete shipping system directly in your web site. You can perform almost everything you can with the UPS online worldship software and will in most cases not need to use the worldship software any longer.

    You will have the ability to:
  • Create shipping labels locally on your server for display and print out via any modern browser. The shipment will be directly entered into UPS's billing system.
  • Void a shipment direct into UPS system.
  • Include Insured values for your shipments
  • Set a ship to address as Residential
  • Set a shipment for Saturday Delivery
  • Set a shipment payment method Bill to UPS account number, bill to third party, bill freight collect, bill to credit card
  • Much more!

  • All functions are performed effortlessly and is all managed via your web site and can draw the information direct from any data source on your site. You will be able to create printable shipping labels. The data is returned directly from UPS and parsed into a simple array. Easily access the shipment label data, the tracking number, total charges for the shipment, any optional charges and much more.

    Take a look at the example usage file for an example of just how easy it is to use the functions. Included with purchase of the UPS XML Shipping Tool PHP Function Library is free e-mail support. Our goal is to assist you in the deployment of your custom shipping application by helping you understand how to use our libraries.

    * Please note to use this library you must receive approval from UPS for access to their premium tools. You will need to do the following:

    1. Register with UPS

    2. Once registered and logged in you need to request an XML Access Key

    3. Select the "Get XML Access Key option"

    4. This will give you a valid XML access key to use our tools to perform Rates, Rate Shopping, Tracking, Time In Transit, Availability requests

    5. You will then need to apply for and receive permission from UPS for use of their " Premium "tools which includes ability to do what you need, create Shipping Label, void existing shipment (created by the system) and perform Signature Tracking requests

    6. Once you receive approval from them then your userid and password (received in step 1) will be upgraded to gain access to their premium tools API, also you will then be able to request an upgraded ( premium enabled) XML access key

    7. Now you will be ready to use of this library to jump-start the process of building, developing, and deploying your UPS shipping web application!

    UPS requires you to produce 38 different files to gain Shipment certification these files include XML request and response files, label HTML files and label graphic files (see the UPS XML Ship API documentation for details).

    System Requirements: Server : PHP 4.3+ or PHP 5.x with cURL support configured and installed.

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